8 Ball Pool : Makoto(The Legend) Unluck & Lucky ;) Must Watch


8 Ball Pool : Makoto(The Legend) Unluck & Lucky ;) Must Watch from youtube by ALL IN ONE Hacks & Tricks etc
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Hello Guys ..
today I am gonna to show you the match with legend Makoto .yes yes makoto :)
I hope you all will enjoy the match .

American-style eight-ball rules are played around the world by professionals, and in many amateur leagues. Nevertheless, the rules for eight-ball may be the most contested of any billiard game. There are several competing sets of "official" rules. The non-profit World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) – with national affiliates around the world, some of which long pre-date the WPA, such as the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) – promulgates standardized rules as Pool Billiards – The Rules of Play[6] for amateur and professional play.
Meanwhile, many amateur leagues, such as the American Poolplayers Association (APA) / Canadian Poolplayers Association (CPA), the Valley National Eight-ball Association (VNEA, international in scope despite its historic name), and the BCA Pool League (BCAPL), use their own rulesets (most of them at least loosely based on the WPA/BCA version), while millions of individuals play informally using colloquial rules which vary not only from area to area but even from venue to venue ("house rules").
A summary of the international rules follows (see the WPA/BCA or other leagues' published rules, which conflict on minor points, for more details).

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