Abandoned House Packed Full (Explored Inside a Home Full of Stuff Left Behind)


Abandoned House Packed Full (Explored Inside a Home Full of Stuff Left Behind) from youtube by Urbex Dane
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This abandoned house was built in 1906. The outside of this abandoned property looks haunting completely covered in Ivy. To make the explore that more special this home is now demolished and had unclaimed stuff still inside. In this abandoned video you will only see half of the stuff that was left behind. I finished the exploration with about 45 mins before the demo crew arrived. About 4 to 5 rooms I was unable to film due to the water damage, along with items piled up in the hallway. You will not believe how much stuff I cut out of this video. Wedding albums, vacation photos, furniture, stacks of paintings...some I could get to, some I could not. Now on to the history of the owners. This was one of three homes this couple had. One in West Virginia, one in the city (in Ohio), and one in the Chicago area. The house was built in 1906 and was listed as having 8br and 3 baths. Renovations to the house was 1915. The husband was a businessman (Owned a Fertilizer Business, and investment property). He was also listed as working with Cliffs Dow Chemical Co...Which is now just known as Dow Chemical. He owned a lot of land and came to the city with a business partner to invest in more properties. The 2 boys went to college, one became a doctor (he passed away), and the other son no available information could be found on is status. I can't explain why this unclaimed stuff sat abandoned. The owners elder years wasn't spent in this home. I spoke to a gentleman from a business next to it, he said a homeless guy was the only one who has been in this house. He also believed at one time someone wanted to turn this home in to apartments. I would say this house has been abandoned for 30 years or better. More than likely used as storage for the stuff left behind after the owners death. Everything was packed up ready to go but no one ever came back to claim the belongings. This home was 1 of 15 properties in the historical district to be demolished.

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