Frozen Trailer Mash-up [ FAN MADE ]


Frozen Trailer Mash-up [ FAN MADE ] from youtube by Simon Paine
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Now that I am back in action with a new program and fixed computer, I decided to flex my editing skills, so I decided to make a trailer Mashing up Disney Frozen with Dream Works Rise of the Guardians and DC Batman Villain Mr Freeze.
Both character are related the the element Ice so I decided to mash them up to gether to make one of the greatest Fake trailers I have ever made! as it took me a week to plan and make this, hard work but love it.

Plot [in case you get confused]
Mr Freeze attempts to capture Elsa to harvest her powers for his own, but fails. Mr Freeze captures Jack frost and forces him to get Elsa for him. Elsa and Jack accidentally fall for each other and Jack refuses to do Mr Freeze task, defining Mr Freeze he would unleash a fury upon Elsa, a siege as he now plans to kill her

Sorry for any spoilers, Enjoy :)