HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT (Shotgun) from youtube by ShoelessWorks
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Furniture fabricater designs undetectable gun safe for security and attractiveness.

Charlotte, NC
Many adults believe children can easily distinguish between real and toy guns and
will exercise caution when they find a firearm.

With half of all U. S. households having at least one gun, these dangerous assumptions lead to dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

With gun sales on the rise, safe storage becomes increasingly important.

Stealth Vault (http://www.stealthvault.com/) has a solution to this troubling
statistic one formerly available only to trained law enforcement officers.

Storing firearms in a gun safe is a highly effective safety measure and acts as a
crime deterrent as well.
But typical gun safes are large, plain and boxy not
suitable for living rooms, offices, or bedrooms.

Stealth Vault gun safes are
practical and fashionable, designed to be indistinguishable from ordinary

Ive asked law enforcement people to try to find the gun safe in the room. They
never guess its the Stealth Vault, says creator Mark Ewert.

Not only is it perfect for protecting children, its a great place to keep cash and valuables.

Stealth Vault has created both rifle and handgun solutions, yet criminals will never suspect your Stealth Vault is anything more than an ordinary piece of furniture.

Stealth Vault is designed to suit a variety of décors, and Ewert regularly changes
the design to prevent them from becoming easily recognizable.

They are available with push-button or biometric activation mechanisms and come in several finishes.

For more information or to request a quote, visit http://www.stealthvault.com.