James Blake - Unluck (8-Bit)


James Blake - Unluck (8-Bit) from youtube by platinumdynamite
featured video : James Blake // Unluck // Pitchfork Festival 2011
featured video : Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds SPOTTED With Daughter James
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Shouts out to Jet Axel who helped with the vocals - http://soundcloud.com/jetaxel
James Bl8 - an 8-Bit reworking of the 2011 self-titled album by James Blake

This is the opening track of a soon (or maybe not) to come 8-Bit styling of James Blake's eponymous full-length debut. Release date is...well, whenever I'm able to finish it. Some of the tracks are proving to be really complicated to deconstruct and this is my first foray into creating 8-Bit style music, so bear with me.

To the possible dismay of chiptune enthusiasts, this is not done in conventional tracker software. I compiled the tracks in Ableton Live using some authentic NES soundchip VST's and some noise samples. As much as I would love to create the album in an authentic setting, the slightly off timing makes it very hard to do so, and also, I have no idea how to use LSDJ or any of its counterparts ;)

I suppose my ultimate goal with this project is to reach out to the same crowd that have seemed to enjoy 8-Bit reworkings of other artists such as Radiohead, and maybe even reach James himself. I'd be thrilled if he heard it actually.

Please let me know if you have any criticisms or recommendations, it is likely going to be quite a while before the full album is up so consider this a demo of sorts. Enjoy :)