K.K. Slider - Only Me - Made Up Lyrics


K.K. Slider - Only Me - Made Up Lyrics from youtube by krayziefemale
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FACT: He does not sing Japanese nor Animalese!!! His songs only use the sounds "Queh", "Quay", "O", "Ah", "Me", "Na", "Now", "Le", "Moo", and, in some songs, he will howl, whistle, click, and hum.

FACT: The ONLY song KK Slider has ever sung with actual lyrics is K.K. Bossa (aka K.K.'s Rhythm) in the Animal Crossing movie.

FACT: Animalese is a language spoken by Animal Crossing villagers, where each letter is pronounced individually. For example: "Animal Crossing" would be pronounced "Ah-n-ih-m-ah-l c-r-o-s-s-ih-n-g".


This is my tribute to KK Slider, the singing dog from the Nintendo game Animal Crossing. He's singing my favorite song, Only Me. I just added some made up lyrics to an animated gif I made.